Data Scraping Explained By Semalt

WebHarvy is a popular data scraping software. It automatically extracts data from different web pages and saves the content in desirable formats. With WebHarvy, you can scrape data from technology websites, journals, news outlets, travel portals and e-commerce sites. WebHarvy contains a wealth of advanced features that enable us to harvest data from difficult sites easily. Some of its most prominent features are described below.

1. WebHarvy scrapes images and videos:

With WebHarvy, you can extract data from your favorite images and videos easily. This tool first identifies the nature of an image and scrapes it as per your requirements. It mainly scrapes information from PNG and JPG files, but you can also extract data from PDF documents.

2. WebHarvy organizes your web content:

Another distinctive feature of WebHarvy is that it organizes your web content and helps you publish it right away. You just need to configure a few templates, and WebHarvy will download the content on your hard drive for offline uses. WebHarvy is suitable for people who don't have any programming skills and want to establish their businesses.

3. A powerful web crawler:

Unlike other ordinary data scraping tools, WebHarvy crawls your web pages and helps you improve the search engine rankings of your website. You can also create online booking forms and search engine forms with this tool. In addition, WebHarvy will search keywords for you and will scrape your data without disturbing long-tail and short-tail keywords.

4. WebHarvy extracts data from dynamic websites:

Most web scrapers cannot extract data from dynamic websites and leave a lot of mistakes in the outputs. But WebHarvy fixes all the errors and spelling mistakes from the output. It harvests data from AJAX websites and downloads it directly on your hard drive.

5. WebHarvy exports data in different formats:

With WebHarvy, you can export data to Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and OleDB. In addition, this tool can export data to Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. The data will be saved automatically in a desirable format.

6. WebHarvy provides spam protection:

With WebHarvy, you can ensure your safety and privacy on the internet. This tool does not process data from the malicious websites and provides complete spam protection to its users.

7. Schedule Your Web Scraping Sessions:

With WebHarvy, you can schedule your web scraping sessions and can decide how many pages you want to scrape in an hour. This tool can scrape up to 10,000 web pages in 30 minutes and can undertake hundreds of web scraping projects per day.

8. Deep Integration with its API:

This web scraping tool has an open API, which helps create and modify web scraping projects easily. You can customize its settings and can extract data using a single API or multiple APIs.

9. WebHarvy detects duplicate data:

With WebHarvy, you can detect duplicate content and can get rid of it instantly. It is important for a webmaster to publish quality content for better search engine rankings. WebHarvy is an automated tool that detects duplicate data and fixes it instantly, making your work easier.

10. WebHarvy – An SEO friendly tool:

With WebHarvy, you can scrape data from meta tags, images, internal and external links and tag attributes. It is an SEO-friendly tool that helps improve the search engine rankings of your site.

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